Nasonex 50 mcg - Nasal Spray Allergy Treatment

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Nasonex is an FDA-approved nasal spray medication used to both treat and help prevent most nasal symptoms and congestion associated with indoor and outdoor allergies. It is the only FDA-approved treatment to help prevent most seasonal allergies for adults and children 12 years of age or older. It works by preventing the nasal swelling associated with allergic reactions. Nasonex contains a steroid called cortisol, which is a hormone produced naturally in the body.

To be effective, Nasonex allergy treatments should be started 2 to 4 weeks prior to the start of allergy season. It is important that Nasonex treatments be taken regularly. This means that the medication must be taken at the time specified by your health care professional every day.

Side effects, if any when using Nasonex are generally very mild and may include headaches, nosebleeds, viral infection, sore throat and coughing.